Waukesha Pump Repair Options


The following work scope has been developed based on extensive testing and reconditioning of Waukesha pumps. All pumps are disassembled, cleaned, tested and reassembled in a silicone free environment.  We have identified several options of repair which will cover the majority of pumps that are sent to us for repair. 


Base Repair:

-  Disassemble wet end and clean all parts.

-  Replace all o-rings except casing o-ring.  Due to the cost of this special      KalRez o-ring, it will be evaluated for reuse.  Run test will verify acceptability      for reuse.

-  Evaluate power end for reuse.  Check for excessive bearing end play and      leaks around shaft seals.

-  Reassemble wet end per IOM.

-  Perform run test and evaluate for acceptability

-  Evaluate mechanical seal and bearing assembly for reuse/repair/replace

-  If performance test results, seals and bearing assembly are acceptable then      palletize, tag and prepare to ship



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