Pump Application: Chemical Boiler Feed


Pump Type: Worthington 2.5x4 (4 Stage)


Turnaround: 6 weeks ARO


(As Received)

This pump was sent in for repair due to packing leakage. It was disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Inspection revealed that the packing gland had worn through the shaft sleeve. The thrust end stuffing box was badly corroded and the diaphragm was cracked. Replacements were manufactured from upgraded 420F and 316 stainless steel material respectively. New casing wear rings and the diaphragm bushing were manufactured from 420F stainless steel material and upgraded with a groove to accept a 1/8” o-ring which eliminated the need for rubber gaskets. The rotating element was dynamically balanced to 4W/N specifications. The pump was then assembled and painted before being finalized for shipment.


(Disassembly and Inspection)
(As Built)



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