Pump Application: Utility Ash Sluice


(As Received)

Pump Type: Ingersoll-Rand 8GT


Turnaround: 12 Weeks



The element was delivered to Morrow Repair Services where it was, disassembled, cleaned, and inspected. The inspection revealed that both impellers had moderate wear. NDE inspections on the impellers showed that the “inboard impeller” had a crack at a previous weld and the “outboard impeller” had a crack in the keyway. The running clearances were acceptable, but all the wear rings had moderate to severe pitting. MRS replaced the bronze impellers with upgraded 316 stainless steel impellers. All case rings, wear rings and shaft sleeves were replaced with new heated treated 420F stainless steel components. In addition, a new shaft was manufactured from 416 stainless steel. The rotating assembly was dynamically balanced to 4W/N specifications and shipped with new gaskets and o-rings.


(As Shipped)


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