Application: Utility River Water Pump


Pump Model: Johnston 36MS


Turnaround: 7 weeks ARO

(As Received)


This pump was disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Inspection revealed that the upper and lower column pipes had severe flange corrosion. In addition, the lower column pipe had large holes. New column pipes were manufactured and hot dip galvanized to provide corrosion resistance. The bowl/casing has severe corrosion and the bowl to column flange was badly corroded under the bolt heads.  Stainless steel washers were manufactured from ½” plate to give a flat surface for the bolting.  The suction bell bearing supports had severe corrosion with over 50% of the material thickness deteriorated. The suction bell was in poor shape and was replaced. Significant wear was found near the bearing journals of the bowl shaft and was replaced. The intermediate shaft and head shafts had axial pitting at several locations and were replaced.


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