Pump Application: Steel Mill Scale Pit


Pump Type: Polaris 200 LH-PBO


Turnaround: 4 weeks ARO


(As Received)


This pump was disassembled, cleaned and inspected. Inspection revealed a deep crack from the discharge flange all the way through to the inside of the casing wall. This created a potential leak path and unacceptable structural integrity. The casing was replaced with a previously used one with little service time and priced significantly cheaper compared to a new casing. The mixer was missing and the threads were worn off of the shaft extension. Both were replaced. All other major components were in good condition and were reused. In addition, all gaskets, o-rings and fasteners were replaced.  The motor was disassembled, cleaned and inspected. The motor seal was upgraded to a “Slurry Boss” and the motor shaft was replaced due to all fits being out of tolerance.  All bearings, seals, gaskets and o-rings were replaced. Lastly, the power cable was replaced at 25’ length prior to the pump being painted and prepped for shipment.  


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