Polaris Pumps


Designed to handle the toughest jobs across a broad spectrum of solids handling and slurry transport applications, Polaris pumps feature a wide selection of wet end configuration options and motor combinations to create custom options to meet your specific requirements.


The Polaris pump line utilizes a modular wet-end platform approach with common wet-end components for a given pump size. The final configuration to a plain open suction, mixer, or shredder type pump is accomplished by adding kit components that are interchangeable and can be added or changed in the field with just a few common hand tools.


Primarily designed for slurry applications, the wet-end components including the strainer are made from abrasion resistant high-chrome white iron for maximum wear life. This enables Polaris to meet the requirements of almost any application ranging from effluent water and waste water disposal, sump clean-up, and slurry transport to food processing waste, wood yard waste, and recycling.


Regardless what your application may be, Polaris can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for your pumping needs.


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