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Our Process

Morrow Repair Services has developed an unparalleled equipment repair process. From arrival to shipment, your equipment will be restored with the highest quality parts and most attentive detail. Our repair process involves several steps, all of which adhere to the strictest process and quality controls to ensure that your equipment is returned in peak condition. Morrow Repair Services’ team offers thorough inspection, repair, reassembly and customer support to provide you with the highest level of service possible.

Check In

Upon receiving an item for repair, it is photographed in detail. Then it is entered into our computer tracking system to queue for disassembly and inspection.


Before disassembly, all stationary parts are marked for orientation to ensure correct reassembly. Our team then takes the time to carefully document the equipment, including any abnormalities, defects and unusual wear.


Surfaces are prepared for examination by being cleaned. Equipment can be steam cleaned or bead/grit blasted to remove dust and grime. During this process, machined surfaces are protected and shafts are cleaned non-abrasively.


Our engineers will do a complete dimensional inspection on the equipment, including the shaft, impeller(s), case and cover, stuffing box, packing gland or mechanical seal, o-rings and gaskets, housings and bearings.

Rotating Element Balancing

The majority of all rotating elements are balanced as an assembly on Schenk and Trebel hard bearing balance machine.

Balance criteria to standards:

  • Mil Spec 167 (4W/N)
  • ISO G1.0 & G2.5


When assembled, equipment is put together with an “as built” inspection sheet. We will replace all old fasteners, o-rings and gaskets. The item will then be painted and tagged in preparation for shipment.


The final step in our process is providing thorough documentation of the project to keep customers up to speed. This will cover the repair, teardown, inspection and exit reports.